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The accumulated experience of seven decades of exploration is reflected in the development of a simple application that allows access to numerous databases of geological knowledge generation tool. This tool translates into a system of digital information, which allows a source of quick, timely and reliable information to support planning and development of mapping projects, geological surveys in greater detail, scientists and all those related to the Earth science activities.

Through the following means, managed and organizes the geoscientist knowledge to offer efficient public service information:

Where can get the products generated by SGM and what is the delivery time?

Cartographic products are available from the center of Earth Sciences documentation (CEDOCIT) located in Mexico City, as well as in seven different regional offices of the SGM and two offices strategically located in the interior of the Republic. A chart delivery time is usually immediately, but if the order is greater, or if the request is in special combination of levels of information presentation, they are generated in a maximum of four days.




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25 de septiembre de 2017


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