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Environmental Geology


Assuming a commitment to the preservation of the natural environment, contributes to the generation of phenomena of geological risk affecting the environment of our population environment assessment studies. Likewise, at the request of government agencies and research institutions, works of collaboration agreements are made:

  • Natural hazards
  • Environmental impact
  • Land use
  • protected natural areas
  • Geotechnical

How the SGM does foster a culture of information, education awareness to cope with the geological risks? 

Broadcasts and stimulates interest in the Earth Sciences within society, to encourage more young people to study the different classes of geology, and also stimulate the professionals of the geosciences, the research and development of new technologies.

Contribute to the territorial planning of new urban areas and the management of natural risks in urban developments preventing irregular settlements. At the request of instances of the three levels of Government and private research, concluded agreements and contracts of collaboration for the following studies:

  • Territorial ecological system (OET)
  • Environmental Impact Statement (MIA)
  • Atlas of Natural Hazards and Risk

For additional information, contact:

Ing. Francisco Armando Arceo y Cabrilla
Gerente de Hidrogeología y Geología Ambiental
Tel. 01(771) 711-30-63






Environmental Geology Environmental Geology


Servicio Geológico Mexicano
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27 de septiembre de 2017


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